Dumpster Diving at the Apple Store: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve come to the right place if, like me, you enjoy dumpster diving and are looking for a guide to dumpster diving at the Apple store. In this comprehensive article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about dumpster diving at your local Apple store. Furthermore, I will go over the legalities as well as some of the best dumpster diving strategies at the Apple store. Let’s get this diving going!

Dumpster Diving at the Apple Store

Dumpster diving is the practice of retrieving useful items from a company’s dumpsters. It enables you to obtain free stuff that would have been thrown away by the company otherwise. Dumpster diving has become more popular in recent years and is practiced all over the world. If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of dumpster diving, then you may be wondering if you can dive inside an Apple Store. After all, they throw away some pretty amazing stuff that you could probably sell on Craigslist or eBay for some money! The answer is yes – it’s definitely possible to go dumpster diving at an Apple store. In fact, there are several places where you can find awesome things thrown out by these stores every single day!

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Is it illegal to Dumpster Dive at Apple Store?

Dumpster diving is not illegal, but it is not permitted on the Apple store premises. When dumpster diving, keep in mind that the majority of Apple stores are considered private property. If they don’t like you being in their store, they have the right to ask you to leave.

As a result, look for prominent trespassing warning signs at the Apple store. If you don’t see such a sign, it’s a green light. You could be charged with trespassing if you entered the Apple store’s dumpster despite the clearly visible No Trespassing sign. This could result in a lifetime ban. In the worst-case scenario, you could be charged with disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, and other offenses.

As a result, you must instantly cooperate if someone from management requests you to leave while garbage diving at the Apple store.

I also recommend that you research the dumpster diving rules and restrictions in your area and/or state. While dumpster diving at your local Apple store will keep you from breaching any laws. You may look up the law in your state using the search box below.

What to look for while Dumpster Diving at Apple Store?

There are several items thrown away by Apple Stores that are worth keeping, including:

  • Old product packaging – You can find large boxes full of old product packaging that were used to ship products to the store for resale.
  • Broken iPhones and iPads – If you find a broken phone or broken iPad, you may be able to repair it and resell it for a profit.
  • Defective iPhones and iPads – If you find a defective phone or defective iPad, you can use it as a parts phone – for example, the battery or charging port may be fine and you could use them in your own phone.
  • Broken cables – If you find broken cables, you can cut them up and use the wiring to charge your phone or iPad.
  • Broken accessories – If you find broken accessories like charging cables or headphones, you can use them as parts on your own devices.

Does the Apple store throw away iPhones?

Apple stores, strangely enough, throw away a lot of returns and broken iPhones and Ipads in dumpsters. Employees are ordered to throw away items that aren’t selling or are about to spoil. In addition, any product returned with broken packaging will be thrown away in the Bath and Body Works dumpsters.

Apple Store Locations where you can go Dumpster Diving

The best place to find Apple Stores that throw away useful items is to look at store maps online. From there, you can identify which locations are within close proximity to a dumpster. For example, if you’re in New York City, you can find a store map here – When you click on the map, you can select the “Satellite” tab on the left-hand side of the screen to see exactly where each store is located. From there, you can identify which stores are close to a dumpster. If you’re not sure which dumpsters to target, ask a friend who works in the area to let you know which ones have the best stuff in them.

How to go dumpster diving at an Apple store?

Once you’ve identified the Apple store that throws away products you can use, find out when the store closes. From there, you can go dumpster diving at night. The best time to go dumpster diving at an Apple store is at night when the store employees aren’t around.

  • Find the store’s dumpsters
  • Look for the store’s dumpsters and identify the best one to target first. When you’re dumpster diving, your goal is to find as much stuff as possible and take only what you can fit in a single trip.
  • Start by lifting up the lids of the dumpsters to see what’s inside.
  • If you see anything worthwhile, dig around inside to grab it.
  • Fill up your bag with the best stuff first.
  • Once you’ve grabbed everything that you’d like to keep, you can leave the rest.

What to expect when dumpster diving at an Apple store?

The best way to explain what to expect when you go dumpster diving at an Apple store is by sharing a story from one hobbyist who regularly dives for Apple products. This hobbyist dives for Apple products near his city’s college campus on a regular basis. From there, he resells the products online to make some extra cash. This hobbyist shares that he’s found everything from keyboards and computers to headphones, cables, and chargers. He also found a box full of brand-new power adapters that he was able to sell online to make a nice profit. Keep in mind that he dives at a college campus, so the Apple Store there is more than likely throwing away old products. He also dives at nearby Best Buy and Walmart stores as well, so he’s able to find a lot more than what he’d find at an Apple Store.

Final Thoughts

Dumpster diving at an Apple Store is one of the best ways to obtain free items. You’re likely to find old products that are broken or defective, but with a little bit of tinkering and repairing, you can turn them into items that work perfectly fine. Keep in mind that you’ll have to climb into a dumpster to dive for items, which is a dirty and gross process. You’ll also have to be brave enough to go diving at night so you don’t get caught by store employees. If you’re up for the challenge, then it’s a great way to obtain free products that you can use or resell.