Dumpster Diving at Bath and Body Works: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re seeking tips on how to start dumpster diving at your local Bath and Body Works, you’ve come to the correct spot. This article is perfect for someone who appreciates dumpster diving as much as I do and is looking for some tips and tricks for dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works stores. I’ll go over all of the legalities and tactics you’ll need to know, as well as some expert advice that will come in handy on your next Bath and Body Works dumpster dive. Let’s get started without further ado!

Dumpster Diving at Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a well-known American retail chain with more than 1,736 stores in North America. They sell everything from soaps, lotions, and fragrances, to candles. Furthermore, each Bath and Body Works store’s selection is tailored to the locality and local customers. This makes dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works a thrilling activity in itself, as you never know what you’ll find.

The success of this retail juggernaut is frequently determined by customer satisfaction. And, as we all know, one of the most effective ways to satisfy customers is to offer a good return and refund policy. According to Bath and Body Works’ return policy, If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of their products, you may return them to any of our Bath & Body Works or White Barn Stores in the US for a full refund, subject to the terms of our Return Policy.

The majority of broken packaging and returned items end up in the dumpster. Because of this, dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works is a terrific experience. Along with candles and lotions, Bath and Body Works’ dumpsters frequently contain great products with either damaged packaging or those which isn’t wanted on their shelves anymore.

Bath and Body Works stores are primarily run in two ways. The majority of their stores are independent, while some are part of a shopping mall or complex. Finding and diving into the dumpsters of your local Bath and Body Works store will be challenging if it is located inside a shopping complex or mall. The dumpster is usually situated towards the back of the property if your local Bath and Bath Works store is a standalone location.

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Is it illegal to Dumpster Dive at Bath and Body Works?

Although dumpster diving is not permitted on Bath and Body Work’s property, it is not Illegal. Keep in mind that the majority of Bath and Body Works stores are considered private property when dumpster diving. If they don’t like you being in their store, they may ask you to leave their property.

As a result, always look for clearly apparent trespassing restriction signs at the Bath and Body Works store. It’s a green light if you don’t see such a sign. If you entered Bath and Body Workds’s dumpster despite the clearly visible No Trespassing sign, however, you may be charged with trespassing. This might lead to a lifetime ban. You could be penalized with disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, and other penalties in the worst-case scenario.

As a result, if you’re dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works and someone from management requests you to leave, you must immediately comply with their request.

I also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the dumpster diving rules and regulations in your area and/or state. This will keep you from breaking any laws while dumpster diving at your local Bath and Body Works. You can use the search box below to seek up the law in your state.

What is the best time to Dumpster Dive at Bath and Body Works?

For the most part, Bath and Body Works stores are open from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. As a result, the best times to dumpster dive at Bath and Body Works are just before the store opens or after the store closes. Because there are fewer people working at this time, the chances of disruption are quite low. Furthermore, numerous Bath and Body Works staff claim that they replenish the shelves on a weekly basis. Before or after 10 a.m., restocking takes place. Some items that are not sold during shelf replenishment are thrown away in dumpsters or compactors.

Weekends are also excellent times to plunder Bath and Body Work’s trash. Weekends are when Bath and Body Works expects the most returns and refunds because the store is busiest. You should anticipate seeing a lot of returned products at their dumpsters on weekends, as we all know they discard returns with altered packaging.

What to look for while Dumpster Diving at Bath and Body Works?

Your needs will decide what goods you should look for while dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works. Some people go Bath and Body Works dumpster diving in the hopes of selling fragrances or other personal care products they find. Some people are hunting for these things for personal use, while others are looking for them to sell.

In general, look for items that have a high resale value or a useful application for you. Soaps, candles and chocolates, lotions, fragrances, and other personal care products are all regarded gems while dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works.

Does Bath and Body Works throw away returns?

Yes, may seem strange, but Bath and Body Works actually throws a lot of returns and unsold products in dumpsters. If a particular item isn’t selling or is soon to spoil, the employees have no choice but to throw it away. Furthermore, if a client returns a product but the packaging is damaged, the product will end up in the Bath and Body Works dumpsters.

Bath and Body Works Find
$540 worth of lotions from Bath and Body Works Dumpsters – u/bragers

How much money can you make from Dumpster Diving at Bath and Body Works?

At Bath and Body Works, you might make a lot of money trash diving. However, most of it will be determined by your luck and knowledge. We polled five full-time trash divers in Tennessee, and the answers were somewhat startling. According to our findings, these dumpster divers made an average of $476.46 each week just from Bath and Body Works alone.

Does this imply that you’ll make the same amount through Bath and Body Works dumpster diving? Obviously not. You could make $1,000 or nothing at all. Everything comes down to chance and experience.

Overall, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, dumpster diving at Bath and Body Works is a terrific way to make some extra cash. However, if you’re just beginning to start, it may not be enough to support you as full-time work would do. As a result, I strongly encourage you to start dumpster diving as a side hustle. You could want to consider dumpster diving full-time once you’ve gained enough skill and are earning a decent and steady income.

Final Thoughts

Always be cautious when dumpster hunting at Bath and Body Works. Broken lotion bottles should be avoided because they are usually expired or old. Wear long-sleeved apparel and keep an eye out for smashed glasses or corroded iron when diving into the garbage. Furthermore, even if an object looks to be clean, disinfect it thoroughly. Always remember that if management tells you to leave, you should leave immediately. Not only will having a strategy and plan in place save you time, but it will also increase the efficiency of your Bath and Body Works trash diving.