How To Start A Glitter Business

If you want to turn your glitter obsession into a home-based online business, you should start a Glitter business right away. The best part about starting a Glitter business is that you can do so entirely online and scale it exponentially with little to no capital outlay. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in a lot of effort to get your Glitter business off the ground. The good news is that we’ve compiled everything you need to know to start your own Glitter business.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Glitter Industry

To run a successful Glitter business from home, you must first learn everything there is to know about Glitter. This will not only make starting a Glitter business easier, but it will also greatly assist you in scaling the business. The best aspect of starting a Glitter business from home is the low initial investment. Glitters can be made without the use of expensive machinery. It all comes down to knowledge and experience. Because the Glitter industry is rapidly expanding, you should keep up with current market trends. If you do not know how to make glitters, I would highly suggest making a sample by following DIY tutorials on Youtube, before starting a Glitter business.

Another option a lot of business owners like is sourcing their glitters from manufacturers and selling them instead of making the glitters from scratch.

Sourcing the Glitters

You can go different routes to source the glitters for your glitter business. Most of the suppliers will have a MOQ in place. MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity depends on the supplier and their requirements. Usually, the MOQ for glitter products is set to 5 pounds per order.

Some of the trustworthy suppliers to source glitters for your glitter business are:

  1. Alibaba
  2. Meadow Brook Glitter
  3. Lrisy

Understand the costs to start a Glitter Business

You could start a Glitter business from home on a basic level for around $500 to $1,000 (assuming you do not have any supplies). An extra $500 to $1,000 could get you off to a great start. That being said, if you want to operate your Glitter business on a bigger scale, it could cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the volume of glitter production and marketing strategies implemented.

Bear in mind, the basic level Glitter business startup cost of $500 to $1000 includes the supplies($200-300) and marketing-related costs($700). If you want to go really cheap, you can buy as you grow. If you don’t mind a little hard work, starting a  Glitter business is one of the best businesses to start and grow.

Is the Glitter Business Profitable?

The glitter business is highly profitable if operated efficiently. A pound of holographic fine glitters can sell for anywhere between $50-$80 and the cost to make one yourself or source them is only around $15-$20. That means around $45 profit on every pound of glitters sold.

Is Glitter Business worth it?

Starting a Glitter business is unquestionably worth it. Because it requires such a small investment, the Glitter business is worth a try. Starting a Glitter business has a lot of potentials and is easy to operate and scale.

Because of the low entry barrier, it’s an excellent business for teenagers to start.

2. Plan Your Glitter Business

The ability to plan ahead of time is critical to the success of any business. The same is true when it comes to starting a Glitter business. Let’s go over some of the most important steps you’ll need to take as you plan your Glitter business.

Choose a name for your Glitter business

Whether you want to start a Glitter business or a tumbler from home, you must choose a name that reflects your company’s values and beliefs.

Remember that the legal business name must comply with the state naming rules in the states where you intend to operate your Glitter business; otherwise, the state may refuse to accept the documents filed to form or qualify the company. While you are just getting started, you may not need to register your Glitter business, but following the naming rules in your state will prevent any problems in the future if your Glitter business takes off and you want to scale it quickly by registering and trademarking it.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator is a free tool that helps to brainstorm brandable names for your Glitter business. Some of the cool ideas, I got from Shopify Business Name Generator,  for Glitter business name are:

  1. Glitter Addict
  2. Small Town Glitter
  3. Splash of Colors
  4. Sparkle & Shine
  5. Glitter Girls!
  6. Glitter Blast
  7. Greddy Glitters
  8. Glitter Zone
  9. Hydro Glitter
  10. Gritty Glitters 

Once you decide the name of your Glitter business, you need to perform three final checks.

  • First, check your State’s business name database to see if your desired business name is available.
  • Second, do a domain name search to check if your business name is available as If it is available go ahead and register the domain before anyone else gets it. Namecheap offers domain names for as cheap as $0.99 for the first year. You can use the tool below to see if the domain name is available.

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

Write a solid Business plan for your Glitter Business

At the very least, you will need a solid business plan to start a successful glitter business from home. Don’t get into the Glitter business just because it sounds cool and people make a living from it.

Consider what your Glitters’ USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will be. What inventive methods will you employ to attract customers to your company? What is your strategy for retaining current customers?

A well-written business plan should explain your glitter business’s main goals and how you intend to achieve them. A business plan also serves the purpose of making your Glitter business appear professional and appealing to prospective lenders in the near future.

Overall, a well-written actionable business plan is an essential document for your Glitter business. A compelling business plan contains numerous sections, some of which must be included when starting a Glitter business:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Products to Offer
  • Competitive Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Fundings
  • Financial Projections

You can use business plan software like BizPlan and Enloop to compose a professional-looking business plan.

3. How to sell Glitters online?

The next step is to make your Glitter business name public on the internet for all to see. Websites are an important part of starting a Glitter business. You must have a professional online store in order to sell glitters online.

Utilize the internet’s capabilities to the fullest. Personalize your website and ensure that it is consistent with your brand. To make a strong impression on your visitors, you can include images of your glitters as well as testimonials.

Remember to include your mission statement on your website and explain to your customers why they should buy your glitters.

Designing an online store has become really easy. The days when you needed to pay thousands of dollars for a website developer for a small website are gone. Thanks to Shopify, you can now create a brand new online store for your business starting just from $29. The cherry on top is that Shopify offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) for you to try out the platform. This is more than enough time to set up an online store, upload your products, and set up the payment systems.

If you want someone else to work on the technicalities while you focus on acquiring more clients for your Glitter business, we are ready to help you. Our $199 digital package for Glitter business comes with a professionally designed online store, custom email, 24/7 support and maintenance, SEO, and digital marketing services. You wouldn’t want to miss the deal. Contact us today before the deal runs out.

4. Packaging for your Glitter business

The days of packaging being solely for the purpose of protecting your products from damage are long gone. Packaging has evolved into a branding strategy in the modern era. It helps to build your brand, communicate information, and sells and protects your glitters. Furthermore, packaging creates anticipation and excitement for your glitters. As a result, if you want to start a Glitter business, you’ll need a good packaging strategy. When people see a beautifully packaged glitters, it entices them to open it and adds a theatrical element.

Overall, you must devote time to developing an actionable packaging strategy for your Glitter business. Thousands of eye-catching packaging supplies for your Glitter business are available on Etsy.

5. Promote your Glitter Business

For whatever reason, most owners of glitter businesses do not include marketing in their business strategy. This is possibly one of the biggest business mistakes they’ve ever made, and I want to make sure you should never make the same mistake. Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing for a Glitter business. When your glitter prototype is ready for production, give the samples to your friends and family to test. Request feedback on your glitters and make a list of what they liked and disliked. If they liked your glitters, request that they tell their friends and family about them. You can also request that they share your social media pages with their contacts.

You can also use digital marketing to promote your Glitter business on a national or international scale. Join your local chamber of commerce or small business groups in your area to learn about the tools that other businesses use to market their products and services.

Contact us if you need assistance running digital ads for your Glitter business. We can offer free advice and resources to help you market your Glitter business online.