Dumpster Diving in Kentucky: A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to start your dumpster diving quest in Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place. The first thing to understand before diving into the dumpster of Kentucky is to know the regulations and learn the strategies. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the dumpster diving side hustle in Kentucky. And along the way, I will also give you some tips and tricks to make the most out of your treasure hunt.

Dumpster Diving in Kentucky

The Bluegrass State offers 12 shopping malls with 1434 stores operating in them. 

Furthermore, rich neighborhoods like Mockingbird Valley(Jefferson County), Hills and Dales (Jefferson County), Bellefonte (Greenup County), and Union City (Boone County) are considered a paradise for dumpster divers in Kentucky. 

Additionally, Kentucky also offers tonnes of construction sites at its disposal. Construction sites are great places to dumpster dive in Kentucky as you can find expensive items with little to no hard work.

Therefore, whether you want to go dumpster diving in these rich neighborhoods, construction sites, shopping malls, or retail stores, Kentucky offers an abundance of everything.

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Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Kentucky?

Dumpster diving is not illegal in Kentucky. In fact, it is completely legal to go dumpster diving in the state of Kentucky. However, keeping an eye on the trespassing laws of your state is a must. Since every business and private residency is considered private property, dumpster diving without permission may lead to trespassing citations. 

If the dumpster is left on public spaces like curbs for pickup, there are no laws preventing you from diving in those dumpsters. The famous 1988 United States supreme court case California vs Greenwood concludes that an individual or the business has basically forfeited their ownership rights to the item on the dumpsters left on public spaces of the United States.

If the dumpster is still inside the private residency in KY and you are trying to rummage through that dumpster; you may be cited for trespass or even for theft. In the case of businesses, if the ‘No Trespassing’ sign is clearly visible and you still went inside the private property to attempt dumpster diving, you may be cited for trespassing and the business in KY has every right to give you a lifetime ban from their location. Or even worse, you may also be charged with disorderly conduct, illegal dumping, or littering.

Therefore, If you need to open a fence, a gate, or go inside an enclosed private property in KY; you may want to think twice about dumpster diving in that location. Those aren’t the best places to dumpster dive in Kentucky, especially without all the necessary permissions.

Is Dumpster Diving at night illegal in Kentucky?

It is not illegal to go dumpster diving at night in Kentucky. In fact, the same regulations apply for dumpster diving whether it is day or night. However, going dumpster diving at night in residential properties looks really sketchy. There is a high chance you’ll get a cop called on you. Moreover, there is a lot more competition while dumpster diving at night in Kentucky. Most dumpster divers want to have some privacy so they prefer going dumpster diving at night. In my personal opinion, the best time to go dumpster diving in Kentucky is early in the morning or just after sunrise. 

Best places to go dumpster diving in Kentucky

There are no shortages of great places to go for dumpster diving in Kentucky. However, I have compiled a list of the top 5 places in KY where you can start your dumpster diving quest and actually make money while doing so.

  1. Rich Neighborhoods
  2. Yard sales and Garage Sales
  3. Retail stores
  4. Construction sites
  5. Farmer Markets
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How much money can you make dumpster diving in Kentucky?

The amount of money you make from dumpster diving in Kentucky depends on a lot of factors. Some people dumpster dive solely for recyclable items, sell them, and make money. Others may want to get into dumpster diving to look for food or groceries for personal consumption. Additionally, a lot of dumpster divers also look for items like electronics, furniture, or books and flip them over on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to make money.

If you want to make a full-time income through dumpster diving in Kentucky, it is going to be a little tough. I am not saying it’s impossible to do so. Thousands of people are making $3000+ every single month from their dumpster diving side hustle. It’s a testament to the fact that it is possible but you need to put full-time effort and dedication in order to make a full-time income through dumpster diving in Kentucky.

So how much money can you make by dumpster diving in Kentucky? Well! On average, if you commit full-time hours(40+hrs per week) for dumpster diving in Kentucky, you can make up to $2400.

Final Thoughts

All in all, dumpster diving is not illegal in Kentucky. However, there may be some ordinances in your city or county that prevent you from dumpster diving in Kentucky. Therefore, make sure you consult the city code which can typically be found online for each community. Furthermore, make sure to follow Kentucky’s trespassing law, the individual municipal codes, and the common-sense rules.